WagTag UI Design


The objective of this UI project was to build and design an app that is paired with a wearable. The app is to have a strong concept, excellent user experience and a seamless flow.


1. Research

For this project, we were given a lot of freedom in terms of a topics and direction. I began by researching wearables and apps for inspiration.

2. Ideation

After brainstorming different apps and wearables ideas I started to develop personas for my chosen concept. Once I had a concept Developed personas.

3. Concept

The chosen concept is WagTag; an app that is paired with a QR code scanner. The wearable is a dog collar with a QR code tag. When the tag is scanned with the app the user is given three different tasks.

4. Sketches

My sketches consisted of pencil mock-ups in the Nexus5 template. The pencil sketches allowed me to easily change the flow or details.

First sketch of my flow and design
Second sketch of my flow and design
Third sketch of my flow and design

5. Production/Prototype

The prototype was created in adobe Xd. This program allowed me to quickly build my mock-up and link the screens together so that the prototype can be tested by users to find any flaws in the flow or design.

Four app screens