Tackle Box Dingbat Design


The objective of this project was create a set of dingbats using shapes and as little detail as possible.


1. Ideation

The concept I chose was fishing. I started by brainstorming ideas related to fishing and categorized them into groups. The direction I chose was to focus on fishing lures because of the variety of fun shapes. I knew this was a subject that could easily be simplified.

2. Research

Before I could being sketching I had to research the different types of lures and the important shapes that identify them and their use. After picking out a variety of specific of lures I started sketching the basic shapes, accenting the important features of each.

3. Tackle Box

Each lure is designed with a unique feature that helps identity its individual purpose. The clean approach to simplify the designs of the lures gives the set a unique and unified look.


Tackle Box Dingbats

4. Sketching

Sketches of web banners
Sketch of an outdoor advertisement
Sketch of a facebook timeline photo
Sketches of print advertisements