A&W Ad Campaign


The objective of the A&W ad campaign was to create an original concept that will capture the target audience’s attention through message and design. The campaign had to be produced in both digital and print mediums. The goal was to further advertise A&W breakfast.


print ad of hands cracking an egg
print ad of egg carton web banner with cracked egg


1. Research

I began by researching A&W as a company and their past ad campaigns as well as their main competitors and their past and current ad campaigns. Next, I needed to determine a target audience.

2. Ideation/ concepts

After I had completed research and established a focus I began brainstorming and developed three directions. After a couple consultations and word play the strongest concept was chosen.

3. Concept

During my research, I noticed a unique feature about A&W that no other fast food restaurant offers. A&W will make you eggs just the way you like them. Giving the customer an option opens up a whole new opportunity to satisfy customers.

4. Sketches

I began with quick sketching of imagery and possible layouts. Once I determined a general look and direction I started to build the layouts in printed templates.

Sketches of web banners
Sketch of an outdoor advertisement
Sketch of a facebook timeline photo
Sketches of print advertisements

5. Photography

The imagery was chosen to draw attention to the ad. The cracking egg and egg yolk and whites doesn’t imply that your eggs are scrambled or fried etc. Many fast food restaurant breakfast ads have cooked food and eggs in them. Raw eggs would make the ad stand out and they wouldn’t have to rely of having better photography and food then other restaurants.

Carton of eggs
Hands cracking an egg apart
Cracked egg yolk spilling out