Dibbits Excavating and Landscape Supply Booklet Design


The objective was to build and design a booklet that advertises Dibbits Excavating's landscape supply products.


1. Gathering Assets

I began this project by gathering assets. I had access to file folders and USB’s to gather images. I gathered written content from their website as well as writing some content myself due to my knowledge of the work field and products.

2. Research

In order to get a scope on what to include about the products I conducted some preliminary research on the landscaping products and the companies that supplied them. I research booklet designs and layouts as well for inspiration before I began sketching.

3. Organization

Before I could start sketching I had to organize the products into sections and decide what information was important to include. Decisions such as image content and placement had to be taken into consideration before sketching layouts.

4. Sketching

Page of sketches for possible layouts for the booklet design

5. Photography

The photography consists of suppliers’ product shots and the clients job photos. I had access to their landscape yard so I could photograph products that needed photos. Products that are sold by the yard, such as mulch and aggregates, needed a unique way to be displayed in the booklet that didn’t confine the product shot in a square. I took advantage of the opportunity to shoot my own photography and set up the products in small piles so the size and colour can be compared.

Example of the products photography set up in the booklet